Holscot and ETFE

architectural-panelsETFE is very much the material of choice for Architects across the globe considering a lightweight, versatile and robust alternative to glass with the potential to express their creativity using pigmented and printed films.

Holscot have been aware of this for many years and were seeking a way to bring their skills in welding and forming ETFE, gained through over 40 years’ experience in Fluoroplastics, to this market. This had to be by offering a unique system which makes the construction of these structures less complicated and adds to the versatility of the product

This has been achieved by developing a simple system of frames covered with ETFE which is lightweight, easy to install and not reliant on complex air support systems.

Holscot is now pleased to offer this unique product line to Architects and Construction Engineers of structures from the smallest horticultural installation to Butterfly Farms, Atrium Canopies and Geodesic Domes.

Additionally, Holscot’s unparalleled welding techniques enable us to provide smooth, barely perceptible joints to combine ETFE films to allow large areas of to be covered at one time


Case Study – Ryewater Nurseries

Retrofitted SONY DSCETFE panels to large greenhouse structure offering:

  • Better light transmission and heat retention
  • Lightweight structure
  • Plants grow faster receiving full spectrum of light.

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