Holscot ETFE Panel System

curved-etfe-panelsThe Holscot ETFE Panel System offers a unique product that benefits from all the advantages of the ETFE fluoroplastic material as well as a light weight design. This opens up unmatched opportunities in both architectural and horticultural applications.

Being specialists in Fluoroplastics, Holscot looked at a way to offer a simple modular solution to projects big and small using ETFE and from this we created the patented modular panel system.

The basic concept is an aluminium frame which is encapsulated in ETFE (Ethylene-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene) through heat shrinkage and welding. This uses the residual shrink in the material to create tension across the frame allowing for great strength without the need for inflation.

The frames can be easily mounted into support structures and simply secured using simple capping strips or brackets similar to the mounting of glass. Rectangular, octagonal and triangular frames can be encased facilitating any number of configurations.

architectural-etfe2The ETFE on the panels has an extremely long life span and ETFE products installed over 30 years ago are continuing to be used without any degradation or loss of mechanical properties.

ETFE is also highly resistant to chemical erosion and has great non-stick properties meaning that dirt will not stick to it and maintenance will be minimal making the product an ideal choice for use within building design.

The ETFE Panel System also allows for excellent light transmission whilst maintaining a good level of insulation. ETFE allows the full spectrum of light to pass through which can allow plants to grow faster, healthier and throughout the year. The Panel System can also be designed to incorporate fritting or colouring so that the suns light can be optimized for both the aesthetic and environmental performance to create a comfortable environment.

The ETFE Panel System can be used in several different areas ranging from domestic greenhouses to architectural building facades. Holscot aims to meet the needs of any situation and the flexibility of the Panel System design and the knowledge within the company allows them to do this.

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