Horticultural ETFE

As well architectural applications, the ETFE Panel System can be used within the horticultural industry. Indeed, the horticultural industry has been aware of the benefits of using ETFE for well over 20 years and used it already to great effect. Due to the remarkable optical properties of ETFE, plants can grow faster and healthier under an ETFE structure than under other materials such as glass or polycarbonate.

ETFE-panels-horticulturalThe unique modular design of the Holscot ETFE Panel System enables the ETFE material to be used within greenhouse designs without radically changing the design of the entire structure. As well as this, the Holscot ETFE Panel System can easily be retrofitted onto existing greenhouse structures.

The benefits of the ETFE Panel System in Horticulture:

  • Better light transmission than glass or plastic materials
  • Allows through the UV spectrum of light which kills off mildew, fungi and bacteria
  • Plants grow faster and healthier
  • All year gardening and crop production
  • Can retrofit onto existing greenhouse structures.

In addition to these outstanding properties, the modular design of the Holscot ETFE Panel System can be incorporated into most shapes which allows for not only the construction of standard greenhouses but also the ability to create geodesic dome structures, vertical farming facilities and urban agriculture assemblies.

Working with our partners, including the University of Nottingham, Holscot are now pushing forward into the horticultural market with projects all around the world.

Ryewater Nursery


The first commercial application was completed in 2011. The project is a Greenhouse (supplied by Perrity Greenhouses) fitted with panels of ETFE. The greenhouse has been constructed in order to grow vegetables native to Thailand and provide supplies to Top Class Thai restaurants in London and elsewhere.

For more details see the Power Point Presentation here.