ETFE Sheet and Welding

ETFE was originally formulated to offer high corrosion resistance and strength over a wide temperature range and it can be used continuously at temperatures up to approximately 155 °C.

ETFE-panels4Compared to glass, ETFE film is 1% the weight, transmits more light and is also resilient, self-cleaning (due to its non-stick surface) and recyclable.

As such it has become the material of choice for Architectural and Horticultural applications as an alternative to glass constructions.

Properties include:

  • Excellent resilience (able to bear 400 times its own weight)
  • Exceptional UV transmission
  • Nonstick characteristics
  • Excellent mechanical and dielectric properties
  • Operating temperature up to 150°C
  • Wide ranging resistance to chemicals
  • Low flammability
  • Resistant to high energy radiation
  • Lightweight.

It can be supplied in sheet form in widths up to 1550mm and thicknesses from 20 – 250 micron.

The film can be coloured to suit any requirement.

The surface can also be treated to accept printing.


Using our 40 year of expertise in the field of Fluoroplastic jointing, Holscot can weld together long lengths of ETFE sheet with a seam which is almost imperceptible. In this way, large areas of ETFE sheet can be achieved in order to provide a tough, transparent covering which offers exceptional UV transmission. This is particularly suitable for horticultural applications whereby extensive amounts of crops can be covered and protected at one time.

Recently ETFE sheets welded by Holscot were fitted to a greenhouse project in Italy. The smoothness of the welding allows condensation on the inside and rain on the outside to slide down the sheets without forming droplets.

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